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Information, products, and assistance to help you move forward with your radon project.

of Radon at Tahoe

In the interest of encouraging quality radon services at Tahoe and surrounding areas, Radon at Tahoe seeks to promote local radon service providers who meet local, state and national certification requirements, who have contractor's licenses in their state, and who have earned a reputation for quality work and fair prices. Local radon vendors wishing to become a Sponsor, please contact me with your radon qualifications: jeff@jeffminerconsulting.com

Caveat Emptor
While Radon at Tahoe feels these individuals are qualified radon specialists with certification and good work ethics, the customer is ultimately responsible for who they hire and for supervising the work that is performed. Radon At Tahoe offers this service to benefit all concerned, but can take no responsibility for the final outcome of the job or the business relationship between customer and vendor. And in radon, as in most contracting situations, a knowledgable customer is usually a good predictor of a satisfactory job. Customer comments are welcome and Caveat Emptor - "Let the buyer beware" - always applies.

That said, we are proud to have these radon service providers as sponsors.
Tell them Radon At Tahoe sent you.

Norm Denny
Pinnacle Construction Consultants
Carson City, NV

Thomas Dyck
Cal-Neva Home Inspections LLC
Incline Village, NV

Fred Ellrott
Camarillo, CA

Greg Enright
Enright Construction
Crowley Lake, CA

Jim Gorman
Environmental Inspections & Construction
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Jordan Heichman
Placerville, CA

Peter Mandel
MG Remediation, Inc.
Hayward, CA

Ned Riley
Tahoe Mold & Water
Tahoe City, CA

Federal Government
Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA has a very complete radon web page for understanding the general and scientific aspects of radon gas.

A Physician's Guide - Radon: The Health Threat with a Simple Solution - 1993

Radon Frequently Asked Questions

EPA Map of Radon Zones

Radon Specific Publications and Resources

Consumer's Guide to Radon Reduction

Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon

Proposed Radon in Drinking Water Rule

A Citizen's Guide to Radon: The Guide to Protecting Yourself and Your Family From Radon

National Safety Council
Excellent web site with information about radon and how to fix the problem
National Radon Hotline:
(800) 767-7236
National Radon Helpline:
(800) 557-2366
National Radon Fix-It Line:
(800) 644-6999

National Radon Fix-It Program

Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors.
This is the site for all the state radon officials in the nation. Good insider information on radiation and radon

State of Nevada

Adrian Howe
Radiological Health Section
Department of Human Resources
Radon Program
4150 Technology Way 3rd Floor
Carson City, NV 89706
Phone: 775/687-7531
Fax: 775/687-5751
E-mail: ahowe@nvhd.state.nv.us
website: RadonNV.com

Why Do Real Estate Professionals Need to Know About Radon?

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

The Nevada Radon Program is now being managed by UNCE, and they are doing a great job of getting Northern Nevada excited about radon.

Susan H. Howe, Program Director 

Nevada Radon Education Program
NEW ADDRESS : 4955 Energy Way, Reno, NV  89502
tel 775.336.0248 I fax 775.784.4881 
In-state toll-free Radon Hot line: 888-RADON-10 (888.723.6610)

State of California

California Department of Public Health
ATTN: Willy Jenkins, Willy.Jenkins@cdph.ca.gov ;
(916) 449-5674; Fax (916) 449-5665
Indoor Radon Program, MS 7404 
1616 Capitol Avenue, 2nd Floor 
P.O. Box 997377  
Sacramento, CA 95899-7377  
Website: http://www.cdph.ca.gov/healthinfo/environhealth/Pages/Radon.aspx

The DPH radon web site is a good source of radon information and links. It is also a good source of certified radon testers and mitigaters in California.

California Certified Radon Mitigators and Testers

Ron Churchill
California Geological Survey, Hazard and Mineral Resource Mapping

Ron developed the Tahoe Area Radon Map which should help planners adopt radon building plans and hazard reports based on the high radon levels of this region. The map is based on data from the 2007 Tahoe Radon Survey. It is available on their web site above.

Radon Certification Organizations

Certification programs for radon professionals

PHONE (303) 756-9090
FAX (303) 691-9490

This is a list of NEHA -NRPP certified radon mitigators in California

Here is the list for Nevada

P.O. BOX 703
PHONE: (866) 329-3474
FAX: (903) 675-3748

A Note on Radon Certification:

National organizations such as NEHA - NRPP and NRSB provide a program of study and testing to insure that candidates are sufficiently schooled in the current best methods of radon mitigation, and that they stay current by taking continuing education courses (and pay their dues!). Various states require that a contractor be certified by one of the national organizations to be listed that state's radon web site.

California is a Certification State. To be listed on the California Radon website and to be legal to perform "radon services" in California, one must be certified by one of those national organizations and must keep their license current. Always choose a California Certified radon mitigator for work to be done in California. There is a $1,000 fine to the radon contractor if he is not certified in California.

Nevada is a Non-Certification State. If you live in or near Nevada and are performing radon services in Nevada you may apply to be listed on the Nevada Radon Mitigators web site. It is always better to choose a certified individual in a Non-Certification State just because you know they at least took the classes and are practicing the EPA approved protocols for mitigating radon. In some states back East there is a problem of cheaply done and often ineffective or unsafe radon mitigation systems. Luckily at Tahoe we do not have that problem yet, but consumer awareness is the key to quality work. It's up to the buyer to demand the job be done right!

Radon Training Centers

Center for Environmental Research & Technology, Inc.
Colorado Springs Training Facility for NEHA Certification

El Dorado County

Planning Departments
El Dorado Co Environmental Management
Dave Johnston, Supervising Hazardous Materials Specialist,
Email: davej@co.el-dorado.ca.us Phone: 530-621-5300

Dave has attended radon abatement training sessions in Washington D.C. and he questioned the presenters on the confusing inverse relationship between the level of radon in a county and the number of cases of lung cancer in that same county. He has no explanation on why counties with the highest radon levels have the lowest incidents of lung cancer, while the counties with the lowest radon levels have the highest incidence of lung cancer. I have not seen the statistics but taking him at his word, my guess might be that it could be partially explained by the long wait period to get cancer from radon gas, mixed with a possible high transiency rate in those counties. More research here would be helpful.

Shane Martin, R.E.H.S.
Senior Environmental Health Specialist
El Dorado County Environmental Management
3368 Lake Tahoe Blvd., #303
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Phone: (530) 573-3454
Fax: (530) 542-3364
E-mail: shane.martin@co.el-dorado.ca.us

Shane was helpful in sending me information on government web sites, though no programs exist in his department to test for or abate radon in El Dorado County.

El Dorado County Planning Department
Peter Maurer -

Environmental Management Department
Tahoe Division Manager

I could find no radon programs under environmental health or hazardous wastes for this county planning department, either at Lake Tahoe or in Placerville.

El Dorado County
Building Departments

El Dorado County Building Department
South Lake Tahoe - 530-573-3330
Larry Lohman, Branch Manager
Jim Swanson, County Building Inspector

Larry has no programs to test for or abate radon through building permits in the county portions of the Lake Tahoe Basin. He says if it's not in the Uniform Building Code it can't be enforced. He was not interested in applying for a free all expense paid training on radon mitigation in new construction because he would not be able to enforce the new methods.

City of South Lake Tahoe
Planning Department

City of South Lake Tahoe Planning Department
Judy Finn - 530-542-6020

My research indicates that building departments and planning departments do not currently issue testing or mitigation guidelines or specifications to those building houses. When asked, they refer me to the environmental management agencies. I think this is a weakness in the building and planning process as home owners are not made aware of problems or even potential problems before they move in to a new home. Fixing it after the fact is usually more difficult (and expensive) than during the planning and building stage.

City of South Lake Tahoe
Building Department

City of South Lake Tahoe Building Department
Dave Walker - 530-542-6010
Currently no plans to issue radon testing guidelines or requirements with building permits. Recent (2011) data shows a much more active role by the building department in handing out radon literature or at least to have is available in the lobby.

Scientific and Public Policy Radon Groups

The Lungevity Foundation

Radon Ranger Publications

The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST)

The American Radon Policy Coalition (ARPC)

Cancer Survivors Against Radon (CANSAR)

The American Lung Association Radon Fact Sheet

Radon in Rental Housing

Environmental Law Institute
Radon in Rental Housing: Legal and Policy Strategies for Reducing Health Risks
Initiatives targeted at reducing exposure to high radon levels in rental housing
1994, $18

Funds may be available to reduce high radon levels in rental housing
There are some federal programs that might be used to help fund radon reduction in homes that are affordable to limited income families. These programs generally give money to local agencies or groups, which then fund the work. Some examples are:

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program - funds rehabilitation and repair of affordable housing. For more information, call the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) at (202) 708-3587.

"203k" program - funds rehabilitation and repair of single family homes. For more information, call HUD at (202) 708-2121.

Environmental Justice Grants - funds community-based organizations and tribal governments addressing environmental concerns of people of color and low income communities. For more information, call EPA's Office of Environmental Justice at (800) 962-6215.

Radon Products and Services

Air Chek, Inc
Air Chek distributes the $10 Radon Test Kit

Radon Test Kits are also available free to California residents from the
Department of Health Services
Radon Hotline 1-(800)-745-7236

Infiltec is a good site for diagrams and plans of installed mitigation systems.

Radon Supplies
This is where I purchased my radon mitigation supplies. Good products and fast service.

Family Safety Products, Inc.
Manufacturers of the Pro Series 3 Radon Detector that I recommend and sell.

Alpha Energy Laboratories


Accustar Labs


Festa Radon Technologies

Professional Discount Supply
I met these folks while taking my radon classes at CERTI in Colorado. They supplied me with EPA approved supplies and materials for radon mitigation.
See my recommendation on Supplies Page


Professional Testing

Certified radon testers are available in South Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, Carson City and Reno who will come up to Tahoe to test a house. They use expensive and sophisticated monitors that detect fraudulent tampering with the test for real estate transactions, as well as canister tests sent off to a lab. You can view a list of certified testers in California at the National Environmental Health Association - http://www.cdph.ca.gov/healthinfo/environhealth/Pages/RadonServiceProviders.aspx

See the Sponsors box at the top of this page, but here is a partial list of other local testers I am aware of. There may be more. Please do your own research. I do not endorse any of these, but only list them for your information

Jay Stahler
Blue Marble Inspections
Sacramento, CA, 916-971-4716
Jay and Jim Stahler do home and radon inspections
They are certified by NEHA and use a $4000 continuous monitoring device
They charge $250 for the test and $100 for travel to Tahoe

Greg Scolari
Home Team Home Inspections
Reno, NV - 775-829-4415

Bruce Pickering
Inn-Spec Home Inspection Service
South Lake Tahoe, CA - 530-542-2888

Professional Testing and Mitigation

Alan Bennet
Sierra Radon Services

Reno, NV - 775-853-1409
Alan uses canister testing sent out to certified radon labs. This is one of the few local radon mitigation services. Does not like to come up to the Lake, last time I checked.

A note on pricing:
As of 1/19/2007, the California Radon web site list only three certified radon mitigators, and they are all in Southern California. One came to Tahoe and charged nearly $4,000 to mitigate the house of one of my radon tester customers.

As of 10/25/2011 there are 11 mitigators on the California list and 6 close to Tahoe.


A search for "radon" on Amazon.com lists 736 books, including:

The "Best" Radon Mitigation Book (in my humble opinion, and which I carry)
Second Edition of Doug Kladder's Radon Mitigation Book
A "How To" manual for the do-it-yourselfer
Protecting Your Home from Radon: A Step by Step Manual for Radon Reduction, 1993
by Douglas L. Kladder, James F. Burkhart, Steven R. Jelinek

Radon - The Invisible Threat, 1987
by Michael Lafavore
also available used on Amazon. The story radon: What it is, how it was discovered to be a problem and how the mitigation measures were developed. A good read if you want to learn more about radon in a narritive fashion.

Complete list of Radon-Specific Publications and Resources from the EPA

Once you have an EPA Publication number, go here to order

The U.S. Geology Survey has a good book called The Geology of Radon
It is free with a $5 handling charge

http://energy.cr.usgs.gov/radon/georadon.htmlThe El Dorado County Library

Books available from our local library:

Radon : a homeowner's guide to detection and control
Cohen, Bernard Leonard, 1924-

Radon : the invisible threat : what it is, where it is, how to keep your house safe
Lafavore, Michael.

Facts on radon and asbestos
Taylor, Ron (Ron B.)

The radon file Vitola, Denise.

Protecting your home from radon : a step-by-step manual for radon reduction
Kladder, Douglas L.

Training for the Professional (and home-owner!)

Home study courses are available in radon testing and mitigation certification. Qualified individuals and contractors may consider radon testing or mitigation as an off-season profession. Learn more.