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Ned Riley
Tahoe Mold and Water
P.O. Box 5187
Tahoe City, CA 96145

Web: http://www.tahoemoldandwater.com/services/radon_mitigation.html
Email: info@tahoemoldandwater.com

Radon Mitigation and Testing
General Contractor, California
NEHA - NRPP Certified Residential Radon Measurement Provider
NEHA - NRPP Certified Residential Radon Mitigation Provider

You can reduce radon levels in your home, office or school through steps known as radon mitigation. The EPA recommends radon mitigation if the levels in your home exceed 4 pico curies per liter (PCi/L). If you have high levels in your home, Tahoe Mold and Water will find ways to lower them and keep radon out. Specific methods vary and depend upon particular features of your home. Variables include the total radon level, size of home, cost of installation, foundation type and air flow sources. One common method is to install a soil suction system that draws radon gas out of the ground beneath your home. Call us today, and you'll breathe easier tomorrow.



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