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Protecting Your Home From Radon - 2nd Edition


Protecting Your Home From Radon
D.L. Kladder, Dr. J.F. Burkhart, S.R. Jelinek

The first edition of this book was written in 1993, to assist what was thought to be an occasional do-it-yourself homeowner.  In reality, the number of individuals wanting to reduce radon levels themselves was much higher than anticipated. 

The overwhelming success of the book led to the distribution of thousands of copies to individuals and libraries.  Its popularity identified the need to address the process of hiring contractors and installing passive and active systems in new home construction. 

The second edition,  has these two substantive additions.  This detailed manual describes the most common methods for reliably reducing radon in a home.  Written in a non-technical format, the book includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations to guide homeowners through the radon mitigation process.

Chapter Titles:
1 . Health Effects 5. Drainage Based Systems 9. Combining Approaches
2. Measurements 6. Sub-Slab Systems 10. Safety
3. Radon Entry 7. Piping Systems 11. New Home Systems
4. Craw Space Systems 8. Caulking & Sealing 12. Selecting a Contractor